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Reply to "eBay Android App not displaying images enlarged"


I'm sorry about the ongoing issues you've been facing with supersized images in the eBay app for Android devices, and the lack of communication.  However, I just posted a new listing with a Listing Template design and checked it on the an Android device on eBay's mobile app, and found that the image successfully supersized.

In order to find out what's specifically causing this issue for your listings, can you please file a new support case here and provide the following details: the listing id number, the name of the listing template design and the "Layout" option you're using. You can find this information in the Listing Template window of your Saved Listing. 

These details will help us debug the issue, so if you can provide them it would be greatly appreciated.

Again I'm terribly sorry for any inconveniences may be causing, but appreciate your patience and understanding while we look into this. 






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  • The title of the template design and the Layout setting
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