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Reply to "ebay buyer dispute options?"

"By reselling, they assumed possession of the item."

Not according to ebay.

Ebay and buyer BOTH refused multiple written requests for "documentation" to support the claim the item was not authentic.

Ebay simply refunded buyer with their own money and are now threatening seller with "Collection."

Behold the "new and improved" Dispute Resolution Process in action.....

p.s. The ebay rep also stated the "Signature Confirmation" requirement for items over $250 (currently used by Paypal) is applied on a "case by case" the ebay dispute process. Seller pays. Buyer does not.

"We are not Paypal..." was the reply by the ebay dispute rep.

One interesting twist:
The above was reported to Paypal and they refused (so far) to put a hold on my account.

Hence, the topic of this dilemma
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