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Reply to "ebay buyer dispute options?"

Buyer buys a clock from Holland to be shipped to Vietnam.
Buyer paid by Paypal.
Clock shipped, was hold up by customs for a couple of weeks.
Buyer opens a dispute for not delivery.
Paypal debited my account for the purchase price plus shipping cost.
Buyer sent me an email that the clock was received but did not close the dispute.
I asked ebay, in my opinion responsible in case a buyer is not closing a dispute, to close the dispute, as usual not a reasonable answer.
I asked Paypal to credit my account for the amount, the referred me back to ebay.
I had contact with the Dutch Financial Authority and they told me that Paypal is acting as a bank and is most probably not allowed to debit my account ordered by eBay, they advised me to file an official complaint at the European Commission, since that's costing only US$ 50 or something like that.
I ordered paypal yesterday to credit my account with in 3 days.
Will be continued.
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