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Reply to "eBay Duplicate Listing Policy Announcement"

Just update, I have been on phone with ebay for 53 minutes waiting on rep to answer plus 2 hours, YES, 2 hours of which about 1 1/2 were sitting on hold between responses. Of course, one question led to a wait, when they came back with BS answer and I called them on it, wait again.. this was over and over. So THEY do not know what is going on (not highly unusual).

In my case it ended with first you can list each lipstick as singles with same photo. I said that is not what new rules say. Back blah. . blah. blah.

She decided I guess to show me and she tried to list herself even though I told her there is no multi-variation for my item. She did a single listing and said NO problem, I just listed one. You just have to do for the other 50 color + colors and kinds. ... . arg. . new rules woman.

In end she said
I will get back with you IF EVER I get an answer
I said, what do you mean "IF EVER"??????? Finally pinned her down to 24-48 hours would get detailed selling explanation under new plan. Doubt it.. but there you have it.

No one knows what the heck is going on.. .SHOCK> >SHOCK>> SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!!

During this entire time I had a chat window opened figuring who I get first is stuck with me, which had 53 people waiting and 45 minute wait shows, 3 hours later it is still a 25 minute wait.. but that time goes up and way down and up again.

If you need them I would NOT call today. (or ever for that matter).

Also discussions yesterday where reps answered questions, were as I figured, the one on this subject the person was there about 1 hour and answered 5 questions only.

Interesting way to run a business. .I feel like I belong in an insane asylum after talking with them. (and probably do).

Later. .laugh.. laugh
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