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Reply to "Ebay Express ... Preview"

I just sat with eBay Express Live Chat window asking why none of my 400+ items weren't included.

I had the express enabled in my preferences with eBay to import. But nada.

It was stated that because I don't have all of my auctions/bin changed for location from warm and steamy fl to specific location Lakeland, FL that my items weren't placed in express.

Well, it could be worse. I've canceled approxmiately 150 auctions in the last week due to sales dropping after search was changed. I could have to change 500+ auction locations instead of 450.

It's worth a try...for me at least.

Roll out is next week and I'm not sure whether this is gonna fly or not.

I'm still going to focus on getting an auction site up and running during the summer. (separate from my free ecrater stores)

You're right Rosemary..the search is bonkers. I mentioned this to the customer service and she stated it's a whole new concept to shopping. Something about item specifics and zip code will play MAJORLY in the searches.

Good Luck Rosemary,
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