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Reply to "Ebay Express ... Preview"

Originally posted by Rick Bradford:


Are you YIKES at the models? Or the template?

I opted into eBay Express, spoke with customer service, altered what needed to edited. And then decided yesterday not to be included with Express until it's a little better established.

You hit the nail on the head when you stated it looked like Froogle. A watered down version of Froogle, I might add.

I think I'll wait a month before mulling it over to sell there or not. Usually I'll try most any and every site...but this one is tied to ebay and I don't want my customers confused when doing searches via internet or however.

Summer is coming up and ebay slows down..almost to a halt. I had thought eBay express would be another way of bringing in sales, but for some reason I can't quite place my finger on...I'm not sure about eBay express.

Good Luck,

Suthrnjewl<---still laughing at Rick going YIKES!
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