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Reply to "Ebay Express ... Preview"

Originally posted by wayoutwest:
i think i figured out why ebay was not putting my items in express. cause i have been using auctiva's checkout system (duh!) Smile

i hate to give up auctiva's checkout, i really like getting sales through my merchant account instead of paypal, but guess i'm going to try the express thing for a bit and see how it goes (which means no auctiva checkout)

Well, before you do that Steve..

I've been with customer support over at Express because only a small amount of my auctions are showing up..

ESPECIALLY NOTE THE BOTTOM SCRIPT FROM HELP regarding Paypal payments requirements!
Hope this helps you to make a decision.

9:00:51 AM You Good morning!
9:00:57 AM Amarpreet B. Morning

9:01:08 AM You I see that some of my 400+ items have been imported from eBay
9:01:22 AM You only 29 but I guess some day soon the rest will come
9:01:31 AM You I have a question
9:01:33 AM You
9:01:40 AM You the item above is on express
9:01:53 AM You but when you click to see what else the seller is comes up with nothing
9:01:57 AM You How come?
9:02:35 AM Amarpreet B. What link are you exactly clicking from that express listing page?

9:03:07 AM You I click on my user name
9:03:16 AM You that takes me to my quasi profile with express
9:03:28 AM You then I click on sellers other items
9:03:38 AM You See items for sale by this merchant
9:03:40 AM Amarpreet B. When I click "See items for sale by this merchant", I see 29 matches found.

9:04:14 AM You Home> suthrnjewl's Items for Sale> 0 matches found
Items for sale from: suthrnjewl (12047)
We were unable to run the search you entered. Please try again in a few minutes.
9:04:25 AM You There's the copy and paste of what comes up
9:04:37 AM Amarpreet B. I do get that a few times when I click on it, but only sometimes.

9:04:50 AM Amarpreet B. It looks to be a glitch, I'll report this in on your behalf.

9:04:51 AM You Plus I have 400+ items that aren't moved over...any kinda date when those will come up
9:05:04 AM You Could you report bringing over all of my items, too?
9:05:59 AM You Even if you get the message sometimes, it could cost me another sale so I'd really like that when someone clicks on my other items, that all of my items be shown..
9:05:59 AM Amarpreet B. We are having some site issues where listings that have the Paypal notifcation address with a capital letter in it not coming over to express.

9:06:28 AM Amarpreet B. If you see any capital letter, change it to a lowercase.

9:07:36 AM You on 400+ items? Dadgum..that's gonna take some time, plus if the dutch auctions have bids on them, I can't revise those. Isn't there any way that engineering can work on getting this done without sellers having to revise so many auctions. Or make an announcement that this is happening.
9:08:19 AM Amarpreet B. We
are aware of the issue and our Technicians are trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible. I am sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.
9:08:37 AM Amarpreet B. Right now, that is just the workaround to make it appear for now.

9:08:50 AM You Thanks for letting me know and for reporting the problem.
9:09:05 AM You Take care and have a good day!
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