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Reply to "eBay Feedback & Fees Revision & US"

When I started a couple of months ago, I found the newbie thread on ebay and a bunch of them jumped right in to tell me what I did wrong with my listings.
I had read lots of other sellers lists of what they would do and accept and decided to try the feedback one....I said I welcome feedback-I was told I was looking for trouble. That feedback is such a hot topic that I might get any and all feedback and I might not like it. Not to mention I would estrange other ebay sellers..
Well I eliminated it so I'll never know.
I just know I try to communicate openly and honestly with all buyers. Even tho I gained 31 postive feedback qualifiers in less than 2 months and they are 100% positive....someone still must have written a neg about my communication. I probably communicated toooo much! Heck I don't know, but it really surprised me. So the moral of my story is similar to Jeff's, in the virtual world there is nothing that can be conveyed with certainty.

Do what ever makes you feel best. It may not work for me or others but if it does work out good for you and it should because you believe it, then let us know.
I am just going to take my chances.
I'm not listing or selling until Sat but I don't think it will make one dang bit a difference.
Good luck to you.
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