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Reply to "eBay founder Pierre M Omidyar Ranked 18th Richest In America"

He talked a lot about community and in the beginning it was. But then he brought on Meg

Yea, Tom, you and I don't see eye to eye on much stuff, but you got this one pegged right on. The "community" they talk of now is just spin. There is no community, they don't care for anyone's opinion (oh sure, they say THEY do), they report "best quarter ever with highest profit ever" and then raise fees two weeks later.

This is a lying, greedy, two faced company. They are just like Microsoft now, If you can't compete, you consume. Take Paypal for example.

eBay lost it's soul the last time a message from "Skippy" was posted in a forum. Anyone remember Skippy? That's when their sense of humor dissapeared. It was rumored that Skippy was Pierre.

If it weren't for the fact that I do make some needed money from this company (much less than I used to for the same amount of work due to EVERYONE'S fees - yes, you too Auctiva, and the fact that things don't sell as well as they used to) I'd be outa here in a minute.

Anyone who was around selling before the IPO knows what I mean.
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