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Reply to "eBay founder Pierre M Omidyar Ranked 18th Richest In America"

Did any of you happen to see this?
CNBC documentory on ebay
"The Ebay Effect: Worldwide Obsession."

I DVR'd it and have watched it several times. They barely nod at Pierre and make him almost non-existent in the conceptualizing of this monster now called eBay.

<taking a deep breath>

I agree Jeff and Tom.

When Meg came on board the whole atmosphere changed. She brought the "impersonal" touch that large businesses bring in. Take for example your statement in regards to the paypal purchase. Look what they did with craigslist? When they saw that it was getting a following, swooped in and purchased. I haven't quite figured out the reasoning for purchasing But I'm sure it's got multiple lines that will feed right into the pockets of ebay.
And my gosh, look at the Skype purchase?

I remember Skippy back then. The boards are very sterile now as opposed to back then.
White-washed & cleansed devoid of alot of the gung ho spirit, that "let's put on a show" spirit that was there, peppered with gosh, it's hard to put a finger on it if you didn't see it.

I'm trying to diversity and be successful in both my eBay business and my website. Diversifying gives me some feeling of control over MY business and how I want to run it as versus how eBay wants me to run it and pay them. This isn't a game with me, this eBay's needed income with our family.

And if Google makes a run at auctioneering as is rumored? It will be full steam ahead for me! I've tried them all, Overstock, Yahoo, Bidville, ePier, Wagglepop, Lunarbid and more. No service can match the power of "IT." I'm keeping my fingers crossed..because if anyone can maybe knock the queen off her base ...analysis looks good that Google might be able to do this and do it right.

It was so much more fun in the earlier wetting our pants over getting a .10 listing day. And yes, ebay will continue to raise fee's as long as there is no valid competition.

Thoughts on this?
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