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Reply to "eBay founder Pierre M Omidyar Ranked 18th Richest In America"

Now, 'bout all them poor swabbies what's got their stern sheets in a knot about it, talkin' bout greed an' what not. Harr! I s'pose they're all plyin' this here eBay Ocean outta a sense o' whaddycall...Altroo-ism? They're not greedy, oh no. Heh heh!

Uh-huh, right, whatever...

Ebay announces their BEST quarter ever, highest profits to date.

Then two weeks later raises fees.

They've done it for the past two years.

Don't lecture me about greed. I need the money as bad as anyone else, and yes that's why I'm here. But I don't wipe my @$$ and then rub it in my users faces. eBay does. Over and over. You take it. You get mad. Where else are you going to go? They know this. That's how they get away with it.

You can leture me if I sell a one ounce item and charge $10 to ship it. I don't.
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