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Reply to "eBay founder Pierre M Omidyar Ranked 18th Richest In America"

Originally posted by JeffS:
Now, 'bout all them poor swabbies what's got their stern sheets in a knot about it, talkin' bout greed an' what not. Harr! I s'pose they're all plyin' this here eBay Ocean outta a sense o' whaddycall...Altroo-ism? They're not greedy, oh no. Heh heh!

Uh-huh, right, whatever...

Ebay announces their BEST quarter ever, highest profits to date.

Then two weeks later raises fees.

They've done it for the past two years.

I was so mad last year when they upped prices that I closed one of my stores and haven't reopened it either.

To me? If you're doing great..then you give BACK to those that helped you to make those record breaking profits.

Instead of two weeks later, raising rates..they should've been handing out freebies left and right. If you did such and such a's a special cut for you and this freebie. This level of selling, we're going to cut you a deal here and offer you this. Yada Yada.

I sell because I have to..but I would be selling more if they hadn't raised my costs on 3 other IDs. Selling more to them should equate with more money coming their way. And yet, when they raised fee's. I cut a store out and haven't dropped sales down on 3 IDs.

Sellers need incentives, too! Don't dangle a .10 listing day just once in a blue moon...look at the medveds. They are moving. If eBay would do this more often..that brings in NEW business and KEEPS the old.

I'm done, Business time,
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