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Reply to "eBay founder Pierre M Omidyar Ranked 18th Richest In America"

To me? If you're doing great..then you give BACK to those that helped you to make those record breaking profits.

Instead of two weeks later, raising rates..they should've been handing out freebies left and right.

Could not have said it better myself.

eBay answers only to one God: Wall Street.

That is all they care about. So, when you do good, and they announce record profits, and then raise your rates, what happens?

The stock price goes up.

Who benefits? The investors do. Not you. You do the work for the investors to make money. It's just that eBay takes more advantage of you and is more blatent about it. Christ, if you're gonna raise rates, do it 6 months after you make your announcement that sales at at an all time high. Don't cry "you're poor" 2 weeks later.
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