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Reply to "eBay Live"

Pictures are requested!

I MUST see the aluminum hats!

Waiting on my pin! <big smile>

Wish it would come to FL again...don't all ya'll wanna come to the home of Mickey Mouse? Alas, I hear it's to be in Baaaastan next year. (Boston) Bostonian's would just make fun of my accent I bet you ninety to nothin, there's no grits to be found there. <wink> Wait, the betting was in Vegas, right?

Hope what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas!

I'm home from vacation and dyyyyyyyyyyying to get to work on the beauuuuuuuuutiful template and more that Auctiva made for me.

Pictures are requested and I will continue to whine until some are produced! <smile>

Best Regards,
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