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Reply to "Ebay New Rules for Gallery Showcase Etc"

Originally posted by Auctiva Jeff:
The hackers used us for a short time but we pretty much developed a system within a few days that's stopped them from using us, but hasn't inconvienced our users. For a few days there were creating 200+ accounts a day here, and listing 10,000+ items a day. All 1 day auctions. Ripping off hundreds or thousands of buyers a day before eBay ends the listing. I figure they were making $10k a day or more. Just some school kinds in internet cafes in China probably. They're not going to stop.

Really eBay needs to be the one to stop this. I knew as soon as we stopped them they'd just move to another 3rd party lister.

I staunchly refuse to sell to China/Japan. They hit me for majorly hard last year and it took three months to get completely away from them.

Dayum! 200 accounts a day and listing 10,000+ items a day.

I'm telling ya Jeff...last year this time my account got hit and HARD by fraudulent purchases by eBay china users. <spit>

Why eBay allows China..I just don't know. Nor do I understand why they can't tighten their guidelines?

PLUS there's the fact that they're FREAKING FREE to sell on there? And do we honest customers in the US pay? Dayum Skippy!

Behave! <smile>
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