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Reply to "Ebay New Rules for Gallery Showcase Etc"

Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Well, I doubt all Chinese are hackers or thieves! Although I know all the troubles you went through and I don't blame you.


I know you know of what I went through..but not all the details.

I woke up every day for months with a minimum of 50 fraudulent bids on my items, my store cleaned out of items all using Buy It Now. And all negatives left for me overnight while I slept.

Know why? I had the nerve to ask for 50 items to be paid for by 50 different Chinese buyers. Then when I filed NPB against the initial 50 buyers who bid on my items and refused to pay they decided to pass my eBay ID out to...well, you'll read about it further down.

Then know what?

They decided to start calling me, can you imagine how much fun it is to have your phone ringing at all hours of the day and hearing Chinese/Japanese being spoken to you. (They'd pull my contact information and passed it around mercilessly)

And yes, there were Japanese, too.

Thanks to my subscription with Sellathon, I could see them come to my site via an email link or fav icon or a message board (yes, the message boards were based in China and Japan) that had people coming from China, Japan, France and more countries...even the US.

It was a nightmare that I won't ever go through again. And Thanks to Wayne after 2 months of trying different options we finally came across a solution that worked. (Wayne belongs with us at another message board)

I was finally able to move away from the nightmare and not close my store and not stop selling.

It took months to get all the negs removed by eBay. It took months to get the FVF credited back. It took every day calling eBay and telling the story over and over and over for months to get the days events of negatives and bids and more quasi-straightened out.

So to me?

I refuse to EVER sell again to another Japanese or Asian customer and I will stand by that staunchly. I don't care if he offers me 100.00 for a 1.00 item..not gonna do it.

Suthrnjewl<---stubborn cuss

Done with my rant...I feel better, how bout you?

Peace Rick,
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