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Ebay normally has an after Xmas Sale on auctions

If we go by previous years examples...

eBay has traditionally given it's sellers a listing special after the Big Holiday. It used to be a free day and then they upped it to a nickel and who knows, it might be a dime this year just like last year. Traditionally it's either Tuesday or Thursday after Christmas.

This really helps to pads the reports for the end of the quarter with eBay also.

Plus, people are wanting to get rid of unwanted gifts to make up some of the Christmas/Hannukah money they overspent.

Get your auctions ready and in a folder so when and if it's announced your ready to go with no scrambling.

I love shopping for Fitz & Floyd right after the holidays...I always find goodies!

Much Green Wished Your Way.

Ho, Ho, Ho,
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