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Reply to "Ebay normally has an after Xmas Sale on auctions"

All of Jett's reasons are zactly why folks should have some auctions ready to go. (storage? I neeeeeeed storage)

Traditionally, I've done extremely well with the After-Christmas sales with eBay.

They might not have the sale, because they've thrown more sales out to us than usual. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that eBay does decide to go with tradition.

It used to be a freebie. That was sweet.

Kbalona...You're welcome. I try to post info that's informative and will help the community here make the most of their ecommerce business.

I'm telling the truth...Many sellers who have very little left on eBay are doing great selling on Amazon. Give it a look and decide whether this could work for you.

Happy Holidays,
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