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Reply to "eBay Price Hike 2006"

Originally posted by ktchong:
I'm more concerned with PayPal fees. If you haven't heard, BidPay, once a popular free online payment service and probably PayPal's biggest competitor, has just gone under.

Given the pattern of eBay's business practices, now that eBay has the only competitor for free online payment service out of the way, it will take the opportunity to raise the fees for PayPal. Just wait and see.

In fact, I think eBay has used unfair business practices to get rid of PayPal. I had a BidPay account and let BidPay add a button and link to my listings. Then eBay, for whatever reason, started blocking BidPay's ad insertion. eBay kept rejected BidPay's attempt to put its button into my listings. That seems to be a very anti-competitive practice, so of course BidPay would go under. Why doesn't BidPay go after eBay in court for that? Beats me.

Because eBay is a monopoly and has billions of play dollars to play with -- BidPay doesn't.

I hate the fees as well. Still at the end of the day, I'm pleased I can sell something I paid $1.00 for, for $99.95 or whatever.

I agree, this year PayPal fees may go up. At some point, they will have to get creative with their fee hikes. They can't continue to raise them every year. They'll knock out their small sellers. Don't think for a second eBay wants to rid themselves of their smaller sellers. They don't. I was thinking they might do a tierd fee structure or something. I'm not sure how it would work.
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