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Reply to "eBay Price Hike 2006"

Well folks, there WILL be a fee adjustment again this year, it's just been announced. Basically, it is:

For core insertion fees for auction-style and Fixed Price listings on, we're again lowering the lowest tranche fee (i.e. for items with a starting price of $0.01 to $0.99) - from a quarter to twenty cents. This is a price reduction.

For final value fees for auction-style and Fixed Price listings on, we are increasing one fee this year - the final value fee for the middle tranche, which will increase from 2.75 to 3%. For a $100 final value, this will increase the $75 portion of the fee from $2.06 to $2.25.

There are no changes for eBay Stores fees.

For feature fees --

* We're making Picture Show and Sales Reports Plus free for everyone.
* We're reducing the fees for the second and third tiers of Picture Manager and increasing the storage you get at these higher levels.
* And we're trying something that has worked well for us on eBay Motors. For the first time, we're offering two new Feature Packs of optional listing features that can save you up to 39% per listing.
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