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Reply to "eBay Price Hike 2006"

Oh yes, and lest we forget:

eBay reported record consolidated Q4-05 net revenues of $1.329 billion,
representing a growth rate of 42% year over year. For the full year, eBay
generated consolidated net revenues of $4.552 billion, a 39% increase over
the $3.271 billion in 2004

By the way, lowering the entry price of the 99 cent item by a nickel certainly won't put more money in my pocket. Especially if that item sells over $25 where they take it away again. Also, if you sell a 99 cent item for 99 cents and then the buyer pays via Paypal, in which YOU bear the burden of the fees for the additional costs of postage - which are now more, you are basically left with almost nothing. It makes no sense to see 99 cent items paid for by Paypal.

I'm not crying sour grapes because the fee increase won't kill me, it's actually insiginifcant, but like every other year they announce record growth and raise fees.
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