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eBay Raises Fees Again. Insertion fees this time.

Why do I hate eBay? This is why.

"eBay announced its annual fee changes on Wednesday afternoon. Sellers on and eBay Canada will pay a nickel more for items with a starting price of between one dollar and $9.99. All other insertion fees remain the same."

"eBay is also raising the Final Value Fees on items that sell for over $25. The Final Value Fees are based on the closing price of a listing and are broken into three tiers, or "tranches" as eBay calls them. The second tranche will rise from 3 percent of the closing price to 3.25 percent. All other tranche fees will remain the same."

"To help understand how this affects fees, let's use an example of an item with a starting price of $5 that ends with a winning bid of $50. Under the existing fee structure, sellers would pay a total of $2.41 in eBay listing and insertion fees. Under the new fee structure, sellers would pay $2.52, an increase of 4.56 percent. Take the same item, but assume it sells for $1500, and sellers would pay 6.48 percent higher fees ($40.90 instead of $38.41)."

This happens to be the point where I start everything. So, now 40 cents now to list anything, plus a hit on the back end too. This change affects EVERYONE. Greedy greedy greedy.

Bill Cobb sez: "Let me say that, while we believe these changes are modest, we consider any changes that may impact our sellers with great care. These adjustments are the result of careful analysis, and we believe they're the right thing to do to keep the marketplace strong for our and eBay Motors sellers."

Bite me, Bill. Tell me about the best year ever for eBay while you're at it too.
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