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Reply to "ebay removed my listing for 'Site Interference' ~ Advice needed please"

Originally posted by britcats:

Ebay has removed a listing today and one last week for the same reasons as given below.

I do use the 'Auctiva' store scrolling store display in my listings, plus also I have a personal scrolling message which is not actually inserted into my listings and scrolls inside the base of the page where 'pop up blocker' etc is situated. All this scroll says is "welcome to my auctions etc and happy bidding"

I honestly didn't think that I was doing anything naughty but I obviously am. Ebay is pulling my listings not just because of my own scrolling message but because I use auctiva too. What can I do to keep my auctive store window? Has anyone else had this problem too?

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies

Your listing was in breach of eBay's Site Interference policy and has been removed from eBay. We have credited all associated fees to your account and notified eBay users associated with the transaction that it has been cancelled.

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know what part of your listing is not permitted:

Your listing(s) contains the following information:

scrolling marquee plus
scrolling marquee at bottom of listing screen

The answer is here somewhere on the boards and the reason why.

I remember it from way back in June or July of this past year but my brain cells can't dig the complete answer that would answer your question.

I can't find it right now. Be sure to fill out a customer ticket and the customer service will answer it promptly.

Sorry this happened to you,
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