Reply to ""eBay Seller Sues Coach Over VeRO""

eBay is now a GIANT pain in the.....wallet
I have been a successful ebay seller and do most
of my buying here also.They used to be great!
Lately everything has changed.
They have taken over my business
All I do is pay them fees.
Like $300.00 a week in listing and final value
fees.I checked out the latest fees and to my
amazement,I found that on an item I sold for
$5.99 the total fees I had to pay came out to
just pennies under $2.00
Know I know why I'm not making any money anymore
Add that to the 30 ads that they just yanked
off the listings no more than 10 minutes after
posting them.
Here is even some worse news
I was using Ebay/PayPal shipping labels
Well ,so many impatient buyers out there
that want there items the very next day.
After a week they file not received claims
Well ,ebay just goes into my PayPal and
gives all these people a refund of my money
They tell me my tracking #'s that I bought off them are no good.
I send them a copy of the emails I received from the buyers stating
Hey,I received your items today
but I got a refund from PayPal yesterday.
So I guess the claim is over.

I'm out they money that I paid for the items
I'm out the fees for selling the item
I'm out the money for the item
I'm happy I spent all that time making the ads
Listing the ads and doing all the shipping
Just out of the kindness of my heart
Then I get suspended for not paying my
Listing fees after spending 40 hours on the
phone to there customer support ,countless
hours on there chat line and probably 20 or
more emails trying to get a refund for the
listing that were removed.
I have copies of the transcripts where 10 of
there so called Specialists and supervisors
told me in writing and to my face that
Yes I will have the refunds issued to you in the next 2- 3 minutes.What a joke.
Myself I have been waiting 2 months for an item
that even the seller has told me was returned
to him,yet PayPal is still investigating
the claim and it is going on 3 months.i'm out my money again.I'm fed up with eBay and plan on
getting a rally going to Boycott them
in the meantime I found an Ebay alternative
and Loving every minute of it.
No more stress from eBay.No more getting bullied or pushed around or robbed
I think all ebay users should switch now
This is a great site.Even better than ebay was
in the start.It costs nothing to give it a try!
I strongly believe we have seen the last of ebay
This new site will be here for years to come
As more and more people get fed up and leave ebay(which thousands will be)This new site will only get bigger and better
So here is your Alternative

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