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Reply to "eBay Store Headers"

Originally posted by marciay96:
Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew if I could remove my eBay store header from a particular listing. I just listed a Harley for my husband's coworker via Turbolister and it included my store header which is related to the children's clothes that I sell. (Yeah, I don't think he wants a picture of my twin girls on his Harley's listing=) Is there ANY way to remove the header for one auction? I have searched high and low and cannot find the trick to get rid of it.
Any thoughts or tips to try and remedy this would be GREATLY appreciated! I have not told him that his motorcycle is up until I can try and fix this problem.

No, there isn't. You have to go into your store and shut off the store header from appearing in all of your listings.

You can turn it back on once that listing ends.
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