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Reply to "Ebay store open until our website is finished."

Well we received the rings in, BUT, they are out of size seven for a week or so. I ordered the size seven from a different company and it should be here hopefully monday or tuesday.

I do have the tlw bracelets. I'm just waiting on the ring.

We've been kind of pre-occupied with our friends next door to us. Their little 5 yr. old boy passed away from pediatric cancer monday morning. We've been trying to help them out.

They are a very young couple and they are taking it very hard.

Just wanted to keep you up to date jewl. Sorry for the delay. I think we are going to add true love waits shirts also. You can see the ring in our ebay store. Also after checking on the tlw campaign we are going to offer tlw dog tags for the boys. I think it is an incredible campaing.

We also decided to offer fellow auctiva community members 20% off their entire purchase from our ebay store. Just put auctiva in the comments section of your payment through paypal. It's our way of becoming part of this community and also a way to say thank you for all the help that we've been given.

So shop till you drop at our ebay store.

Majk Threads Ebay Store

Our future website open soon.

Thanks to you all especially Suthrnjewl.
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