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Reply to "Ebay store or an store on Auctiva?"

Please clarify:
For eBayers that only have a eBay Store and no other website to display an Auctiva Store Link What benefit is an Auctiva Store other than second Link in your eBay Listings to an area where all your eBay items are listed? I'd be sure to bet that 99.9% of all lookers know to click on link to View Sellers Store verbiage and/or the Store Logo and/or can see Store Banner in listing to link to Sellers Other Items, then there's Auctiva's Scrolling Picture Show.

How does it make sense to have an Auctiva Store if you have no web site elsewhere?

Is it worth taking the time to setup & maintaining layout / appearance / categories / etc. of a second store? Both Auctiva Store & eBay Store show same items, only physical Store appearence and layout would be different, is that correct?

All eBay listings already have Auctiva Scrolling Free Picture Show, providing option is turned on.

The Auctiva Store does not scroll in all listings like the Free Picture Show does or does it? I am under impression it is just a link in your listing and that eBay had issues with same at one point.

Is there a need for extra work for Auctiva Store if you do not have a domain name or other web site to put the Auctiva Store Link in?

Am I missing something or do I have the gist-of-it?

Is there any other integration between the Auctiva Store, Auctiva Scrolling Free Picture Show and an eBay Store if no other web site and/or domain name?

(I've been away from eBay / Auctiva last two years due to illness. Back now trying to digest & comphrend all the new features of Auctiva & eBay & how and/or it they integrate with each other and list at the least expensive way I can, fee's have sored last couple of years, bummer!)

Much gratitude for taking time to reply!
Happy New Year!
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