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Ebay Stores

Whats the general opinion on Ebay stores ?

ive thoough of opening one , actually tried to but the browser wont continue so im tossing the idea around again , i do have alot of items that i need to keep listed but dont sell on a weekly basis , older model cell phone batteries, accessories and various power supplies , they will sell eventually but it gets expensive to relist .

im a small dealer so far , about 120 items a month and just wondering if anyone has any input or suggestions ?

if i sold 2 items (cell batteries) a month from store it would pay for it , i can fill the 5 pages for a basic store easily with stock on hand .

anyone think its cost effective ?

my list to sell ratio is about 30/70 on listings .
what is your average sales in stores , and how many items do you keep listed ?
i guess im just looking for some input ?
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