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Reply to "Ebay Stores"

Originally posted by ziastarr:
I checked out eCrater and was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of listings.
Does anyone know how traffic is there?
It looks like you can also just send people directly to your store there once you have one.
Who sells there? Give me the scoop Big Grin
(please Wink )

I love my ecrater stores. (I have four of them)
I will be attempting an oscommerce store later this month.

Dimitri has your items in your store uploaded to Froogle. And Froogle/Google does a great job of getting your ecrater stores out there on the internet for sales.

I can't gripe..I do make sales. And I love the no fee's to eBay sales..oh yes I do.

I do sell more from my eBay stores but my ecraters aren't doing too shabby in sales, either.

If you build it, market it, the buyers will come.

Peace, Donna
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