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Reply to "eBay Stupidity"

Originally posted by Magie Noire:
At least you received a mouse pad, lol. Smile

I hate the fees as well. At the same time, grateful for an avenue that helps me raise my child the way I want to. I like being home. Even with all its imperfections, I'm happy. Something to consider.

I totally agree! I may hate the fee's..but eBay and my internet site enable me to continue to be what I want to be. Free from clocking in and out of a 9 to 5 job. I could and can be with my family, I can volunteer where I want and see a ned, when I want to take off for a day, I do.

This kinda freedom is wonderful. Plus, it is FUN! Wording, researching (I hate taking the pics, <blech>Wink

In 2000 I had some surgery go very wrong...and it took years to recuperate. Yet, I was still earning money. Last year I became ill again...yet I was still earning money. An employer would've booted me!

I do wish they would give us breaks on the fee's like in the "olden" days. It was just more fun.

I'm wondering what this years fee increase will be. I've tried to find it on the net..rumors and such. But can't find anything.

Silly me, I have all my goodies from eBay right where I can see them. Along with my certificates (back when they mailed a real one) for the different stars I earned.

I do happen to have a crappolla of bumper stickers if anyone wants one. <smile>

Take care, Donna
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