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Reply to "Ecrater lost?"

I discovered that this morning.

I had a sale from my ecrater last night.

I sign in this morning to find not only one email from her but a couple more from her.

Ecraters are down. I hope not gone. This is the first time I've seen this...ever! Auctiva is supposed to be working on their own version..don't know how far along they are..but please hurry!

Now I've had to explain to my customer that purchased last night that I'm not here today and gone tomorrow seller on the internet.

Here's her purchase time and date so if you have an ecrater we can be certain it went down after this time.

Order No: 9270
Order Date: 2006-05-03/00:10:31

I'm Eastern Standard Time.

The forums aren't up on ecrater also.

That's one of the things that aggravated me about another service I used to belong to, is if the service was down so was the message boards. There was no way of the owner/operator to leave messages for his customers.

Message boards should be housed on another server totally separate that way you can always be assured that your customers can have access to information.

I've really got to get a working site up!!!!!!
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