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Reply to "End Dates on Active Listings Inaccurate"

Hello Itsjustme - 

I am sorry to hear about the difficulty on the active listings page of your account. 

I've taken a look in your account and believe I understand the difficulty.
There is an issue that occurred previously for some accounts where GTC listings were not showing an end date of GTC, but showed a date 100 years in the future of the post date (this is how eBay records GTC listings and that is the data returned to us now on all fixed price listings). Our engineers resolved that issue for listings posted from Auctiva with the GTC duration, however, it seems that this issue has recurred for listings where eBay is changing to the GTC duration, which they currently are. The dates I see in your account for recently posted listings do show 3/19/2119, but this indicates that the listing is currently on eBay as a GTC. Since eBay made their change earlier this week, any fixed price listing posted with any duration other than GTC is converted to a GTC listing by eBay.

If I click on the column heading "End Date" the page does sort by end date - the GTC listings posted the same day do order by their timestamps.  Note that those listings would show only GTC and the timestamp otherwise.  If I click the heading again the order reverses as expected so the issue does not appear to be a problem with the sort, but the actual data that is showing as a result of the change that eBay has made to the listings.

I've gone ahead and filed a work ticket for our engineers to have a look into this, and please note that in the very near future the listing creation page in Auctiva will not show other durations available for fixed price listings.  I am also following up with your support case.

 - Craig

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