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Reply to "Error on Label"

once a shipping label has been generated for an item using one Shipping To address, it is also not possible to print a second shipping label using a different Shipping To address so I believe you will need to purchase shipping for this particular item through another vendor at this point.

I find this answer to be extremely humorous. It shows perfectly exactly how Auctiva management has allowed a very good tool in assisting with eBay listing to one that is extremely poor over the last 2 years.
Additional features are being added however no pre roll out testing is ever done and the new features are buggy and never get corrected. When you put pressure on support to get them corrected you get an answer that the bug was by design and it is going to be "modified" during the next upgrade. (Which never comes. We have been waiting over 14 months to get the mass feedback tool fixed). Using the Auctiva tools and features usually requires going back to the listing after posting with a eBay tool such as Turbo Lister to correct what Auctiva's product couldn't do right the first time. Why were we paying for this tool again? Oh yeah that's right "To save us time listing."
I would advise any new customer considering using the Auctiva tool to reconsider until they can fix what they broke on previous updates and enhancements and can't seem to get it done. Understand that it is not easy task to just drop the Auctiva tool once you start using on your listings. Your listings will have to be reworked to drop any ties or links to Auctiva such as picture storage. This is not an easy task but we are working on it.

I am also a customer of Auctiva Commerce which has a totally different management team. This product is excellent in customer support. Upgrades and enhancements are fully tested and not rolled out until they work as designed even if it means missing a promised date. If a bug is found a workaround is published or the bug is fixed within 1 to 5 days!

Paging Auctiva Management your eBay tool is broken... FIX IT. oh also before you roll out another upgrade TEST IT FIRST. Your paying customers are not your beta testers.Your existing customer base is fed up and abandoning ship.
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