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Originally posted by JeffS:
Dead link.

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Care to explain what the item was and what it sold for?

The link works fine for me. Here try this one.

MIKE WENDLAND: Pile of vintage toys rakes in cash on eBay

In case the link still doesn't work - here ya go!

A Thumbelina doll bought for $5.99 from the 1964 Sears catalogue sold for $519.99.

A $2.19 GI Joe action figure from 1965 sold for $302.

A Captain Action Superman outfit from 1966 that originally cost $3.89 went for $736.56.

A Creepy Crawlers Thing-Maker set was listed for $6.66 in the 1965 catalogue. It was snapped up for $1,285.99.

But if you think that's crazy, consider the top price getter: A Barbie's Dream Kitchen accessory for the Barbie doll that consisted of cardboard punch-outs of kitchen appliances and furniture. It created a virtual feeding frenzy when the Sands listed it.

"In 1965 it cost $4.97," said Sands. "We put it up on eBay and there was a bidding war from the minute we listed it. In the last 20 seconds of the auction it went from $900 to $1,575. It was crazy."

The now middle-aged children are understandably delighted with the eBay results, said Sands. As they've watched the auctions unfold, one of the daughters recalled a cryptic promise her mom had given her years ago.

"She said her mom once said something to the effect that one day, the kids would see what treasures the mom had left for them," said Sands. "Now they know. It was down in the basement all along. This is going to be quite a Christmas present for them."

So far, the toys have brought in about $30,000 in eBay sales, with buyers from across the country and as far away as Australia.

But before you start rummaging around your basement and think you've hit the eBay big-time with the discards from your own kids, you'd better listen to Melissa.

"The collectors on eBay are not afraid to spend extreme amounts when it comes to mint in-package items," said Sands. "Had this stuff been loose and played with it would have been interesting but not anything like what we've seen."

Though most of the more valuable toys have sold, the Sands still have a few items from the collection up for auction. What's left can be seen on their eBay store at Make sure you enter that address with the capitalization just as you see.
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