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Facebook & Social Media Auctiva announcements ? WHY not here?? RANT!!! RAVE GRIPE!@ goes. IF we received an announcement I am sorry, as I can't find it. Please send me link of someone has and I will eat crow!!! And grovel and apologize.

However, I do not see so here goes my gripe.

I just happened to be browsing around facebook and put in autiva...only to see announcements on there? This has been mentioned before when there was outage information that posted on facebook, but not auctiva forum in the past or posted on the "auctiva community" after posting to facebook, twitter, etc., usually awhile after.

As I know I have previously mentioned, I do NOT think we should have to play Where's Waldo to get any information on any company we do business with when they have a forum and community that announcements should be made on. This is part of what we pay for, having information on Auctiva site so it is easily accessible in one place to the members who use the service. I think we should have to go on facebook, a blog, twitter or anywhere else to get announcements, if that is requirement then auctiva needs to make that CLEAR to entire community.

Just as with ebay, do they announcement changes on facebook only? I would assume their information is in their announcements for ALL of their clients to see and read.

What caught my immediate attention because it was very colorful & hard to miss, was a contest of which I guess if you are not on facebook you can't enter or would not know about. (unless you stumble on it as you would not know about it unless you stumbled on it). I would think if a company is celebrating their 14TH ANNIVERSARY they would want everyone to know. Other announcements are on there also, (some of which may be on auctiva site). . Some Others are blogged, tweeted.

Since I can't locate an auctiva only announcement page it is hard to tell for sure, as auctiva announcements are sometimes intermingled with the newletter information of which frankly, most of that information is stale and only of interest really to totally new sellers or are repeats of same information. Other announcements are scattered in forums so again, to me it is like playing Where's Waldo?

Auctiva, perhaps an announcement page would make it easier to find anything easily rather than sifting through newsletters to find the auctiva news. Is there one that I just have not found???? (if so I will grovel, apologize, and eat crow twice). Perhaps an important area for items we "really" need to know sub category it for other things that may possibly be of interest to some such as the freaky, wacky, friday information, (maybe a just for fun area (or leave that part on facebook only as most who read forums are doing for business and probably not concerned with that) then person could make choice of which they wanted to check and read.

I am talking about other announcements that are auctiva clients should be aware of. Also, why in the world do site issues show up on facebook/blog other social media, and NOT on the forums...again, seems those issues are issues if everyone knows about perhaps others who actually use the auctiva community forums may be having same problem or could even contribute their knowledge. Seems the "community" is not a "community" but several communities scattered throughout and not in one place at all.

If you want us to use facebook or blogs, etc., for site issues or to find announcements perhaps that should be noted so we can all keep up with what is going on?

Frankly, I use my facebook for pleasure/leisure and friends I want to keep up with. I normally do not "friend" businesses as I like to keep my personal life just that..personal and for friends. I know..I am missing boat not using this for selling tool, I just do not like mixing family with business.

My feeling...IF it is NEWS, it should be put on auctiva site. If it happens to be things that people are having problems with on there, they should be sent to forums/community or support.

Anyone else feel this way or is it just me???? (guess I would need to post on facebook, etc., too to find that out? since our "community" is located in different places)

Auctiva, IF there is NOT a formal announcement page, perhaps there should be at some point. looking through forums and newsletters for information is a time waster and difficult to find unless you know exact keywords.

Thanks done with my rant for NOW!! (again, willing to eat crow if I am missing the boat here)
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