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Reply to "Fall Stock"

Originally posted by Magie Noire:
When are you listing your fall apparel? I was thinking of starting, Monday, August 28th. The lighter fall apparel like denim jackets, jeans and so forth. It's difficult to gear up for listing this stuff when it is still 100 degrees outside. However, I know other states begin to cool off some. Also, buyers purchase early.

Okay, let me know your game plan.


I was shooting for that week, too for getting my fall and winter clothing up.

However, there are two things that are either spurring me to upload sooner or later.

Ebay store fee's are changing (everybody heard, right? ha) on the 22nd, and that has me thinking I should put my clothing items up. Those can ride out for 30 days for the lower price..right?

Or I will be holding off till the week after Labor Day and will put those items up as BIN.

And to throw another thought out there..I'm wondering how many persons are going to be around Labor Day weekend shopping. (I know, I's amazing how many folks are online shopping Christmas, T'giving etc.)

Thoughts? Will Labor Day weekend have persons staying home or traveling? Will the heat wave keep people from putting themselves into crowded tourist destinations? With gas prices being high be a factor and the choice will be to kick back at home?

So I'm kinda watching for indications here and there.

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