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Hi I'm in the UK and back using Auctiva and eBay after a couple of years break so need to catch up on a couple of quick questions:

1. I've been paying $2.95 to Auctiva for a Basic Plan to ensure Hosting of Images. I now see there is a Basic Plan for $3.95. Are they the same thing? It mentions 15 free listings per month. Would I have to upgrade to list or can I do this currently on the Basic Plan? If it says 15 free listings, does that mean I don't have to pay eBay to list?

2. When eBay have a Fee free day or days - like this Easter weekend, can I list via Auctiva and not get charged by eBay or do I have to list via eBay (which is what I have done - and it was a pain. I'd forgotten how slow it was to list everything individually).

3. eBay are advertising 100 free Auction insertions per month for items under 99p. Can I list these via Auctiva - or will eBay charge? I intend to sell a lot of low value items so it would be very useful / profitable.

4. If I want to sell worldwide esp EU, USA, Canada and Oz can I select 'International Site Visibility' via Auctiva? Is it still under Marketing Tools? And does it work?

Sorry for so many questions, but hopefully only Yes / No answers required.

Thanks in advance for help.

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