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Flat Rate amounts NOT POSTING!

hello everyone,

i'm not sure if i'm the only one with this issue...but it just came to my attention that when completing the flat rate shipping option in auctiva...the additional amount is NOT posting on ebay...on ebay it is showing up as $0.00!!

i just had a customer, purchase and already pay for, 2 of the same items and she only sent shipping for 1 item...the addtional item on the listing is showing up as $0.00!!!

so now i am having to go back into every listing and make sure that the shipping options are posting...which, they're NOT!

so just an "fyi" for everyone who offers the flat rate shipping option with the additional shipping amount for added items, check your listings and make sure the additional amount is posting on ebay....mine aren't.

and yes, i've already submitted a tech request. if anyone else is having this issue, please also post a tech request so we know the scope of the issue or if it's just me...

kathleen Smile
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