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For goodness sake some of you wake up to reality !!

I was just about tired of all this boycott talk petitioning etc (I have signed some) but I feel it necessary to issue a wake up call that many seem to be ignoring from other posters on here.

Greedbay only listens to the big boys.

Many smaller sellers would have to boycott to thier own bankruptcy as the major sellers will fill the voids.

What we are seeing is the natural transition that has taken place in the 'physical' world, market stalls -> brick built shops -> supermarkets -> hyper markets repeated in the online medium.

Do we see a reversal happening in the physical world in recent years, no, not even in the UK, so why should it in the online world ?

Why won't people just realise that the only way forward is to go elsewhere take a hit on income short term until the buyers follow.

Unless sellers do that en-mass greedbay do not need to care as they can make noddy offers and discounts and up goes their share prices it seems.

So for goodness sake some of you wake-up !

Greedbay cares as much as M$ or a major ISP Frown
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