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Reply to "For goodness sake some of you wake up to reality !!"

Hi ssandee, thanks for the link, slight typo should be

However in my view greedbay can recruit first time buyers and sellers with ease to replace us for a long while yet because :-

1) they are a household name like Hoover and Xerox.
2) they have a massive software development budget and so have many features to make buying and selling easier than probably most other sites.
3) sell through rates are high, other sites very low, high STR = high fees, just like wide audiences command high advertising fees.
4) they bought PayPal to make even that in-house.
5) Massive PR and advertising budget capable of running TV advertisements at prime time.
6) substantial 3rd party support from companies such as Auctiva.

Personally while all these features predominate only 10,000 top power sellers jumping ship will demolish their active listing mountain standing at 13 million active listings even after the 20th Feb.

I am not dreaming any more just going to sell on other venues and hopefully set up my own online store within a year or two and have full much more control of fees etc.
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