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Reply to "For the Paypal Haters! Bidpay is back."

The new BidPay is much different then the old BidPay that was WesternUnion Money Orders. The new bidpay will only accept credit cards - no bank transfers and will only ACH the funds into your bank account.

Unlike the old BidPay - the SELLER pays not the buyer.
Domestic (United States) 2.5% + $0.50/txn
International* (Outside the United States)
2.9% + $0.50/txn

Basically CyberSource bought the Name and customer list from Western Union after it closed BidPay. Other then that - they have nothing in common.
I signed up for it, not because I hate PayPal, but just because I want an alternative for international payments that is safer.

Do you think this is still safer than PP?


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