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Reply to "gallery images gone poof at eBay?"

Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
My gallery images are not loading in My eBay or in searches.

But those gallery thumbnails are hosted at eBay, right? I know eBay's been wonky as well the past couple of days (you'd think they'd be prepared for their own sale days by now) so maybe that's all it is.



Number one: (helpful hint) Have coffee before checking out your listings. I've learned it keeps me from having my eyes bug outta my head! <smile>

Number two: Yep, my gallery items which are hosted by eBay were wonkers today. Pizza boxes, not pizza boxes, pizza boxes, not pizza boxes.

I shrugged it off as there's no sense in getting myself all worked up. Ebay is tinkering behind the scenes and is going to be giving us some enhancements before long. (gut feeling) Hopefully it will put the store searches back where they were in February.

Good Luck Everyone!
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