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Reply to "Gallery pictures in your store... whats the point?"

Originally posted by Magie Noire:
Originally posted by Suthrnjewl:
This is being discussed in full on the eBay stores Discussion Board.

All of the observations that you're asking about are being put forth there. Interesting stuff. Some pinks have made their appearance in regards to this issue.

I think if I pay for the gallery...then dadnabit it oughta show in the search.

Take care, Donna

BUT you're paying for a store gallery at .01.

Think about it.

Why pay .35 auction when you could list in the store for .02 and .01 for gallery? eBay would have to be crazy to allow this. If they ever DO allow it, they'll raise store fees to cover it.

Why would you allow pics from a store to show at .01 as opposed to .35? Good for sellers and bad for eBay.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...but Magie..

Allow me to play the other side of the argument the way I see it.

Think bout it this way..I may only be paying .01 for that gallery pic in my store...but don't I pay a monthly store fee?

Yes, I do. That added extra income from my store should include such perks as .01 gallery pics and longer length auctions.

So in the end, Yes m'am, I do feel that it's justified for eBay to place that gallery pic in....oh yes I do.

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