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Reply to "Genre & Sub-Genre categories not working"


I asked support to forward me your images you mentioned, and I see the Item Specifics window with all options in the *Style* specific.  

If you were to go and check the lister on eBay in this category (Music>Records) you would see something like the screenshot I posted above.  eBay no longer limits the *Style* by the *Genre*. 

I did notice that if you were to post to eBay UK, you get the old experience you are speaking of:

Unfortunately, that is only in eBay UK.  

We pull the Item Specific lists from eBay directly and for some reason they decided to remove the link between *Genre* and *Style*.  Our lister has to reflect what eBay is requesting, and for the US eBay site, they have separated those Item Specifics. 

I hope this helps clarify the situation.  


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