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Reply to "Google Buying Bidville.!!!!! ?????"

Originally posted by Daddyo:
Ebay could have been the walmart of the internet, if they had kept a decent pace with their original core sellers.


Google is definitely making advances and so is msn, yahoo with some possible move toward ebay. Will be interesting the outcome.

SO many rumors going around right now. MSN and Yahoo to combine and buy Wal-Mart? Google Buying Bidville? Single Malt vs Double Malt? Ooops, that last one doesn't belong. <smile>

One thing is for sure and that is eBay is greedy and have surpassed a point where it's just plain bad for their reputation. If they could just have held at a certain point years back, they would be looking at a site that would be as you state Daddyo..cept I like to think of it as the Target of the internet.

For the past few years sellers have been running away from "it" and speeding towards making our own independent sites, ecraters, etc. (nor would we have run so fast to make our own independent sites)

I can't wait to see after the Christmas season how this all works out. It should be interesting to say the least.

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