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Reply to "Google Buying Bidville.!!!!! ?????"

Originally posted by judyw:
Okay what? There are many many of us that just want SIMPLE. That is why eBay works for us. We can snaz up our stores or NOT, we can list or NOT, and who has not heard about eBay? Costs are only if we participate. Alternatives for us that don't want to do our own website or complication? eBay is JUST TOO COSTLY any more. Where is the discussion that breaks down all the competitors & talks about them in detail? Got an email from eBay board member after sharing frustration about costs to look into (who thought that name up), and was surprised I never heard of them. And if I never heard of them, am sure that those few 1st time buyers never heard of them. So how many more are out there that we don't know about and which is the best place to switch to? For most buyers that shop on eBay once in a while where are they going to go if not eBay, but more over how are they going to even know about another place or trust them. Isn’t that what eBay wants, for us to be thinking about this? Than there is the seller who has to consider finding merchandise, taking pictures, listing, selling, watching, getting shipping supplies, shipping, post office, invoicing, pay pal, customer base, on and on and on. It is all a lot of work; just the thing eBay depends on.......lack of TIME, extra WORK, and TRUST. It would be nice to stay with eBay but profits are just not what do we do, switch, or go work at Wal-Mart?


Get your own website up and running..but in the mean time. Get a free ecrater site up and get it listed with the major search engines.

There's Overstock, Bidville, Blujay, Bidville and more.

If anyone signs up for's my referral code:

Good Luck,
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