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Reply to "Gotta Love It"

Posted May 09, 2006 10:58 AM
As some of you know I recently closed my stores and was planning on working on a website this summer, well since it was .10 day I decided to get busy and have been listing away using mostly FPL and low and behold as I'm working my email pops up:

Congratulations, your item sold!

Two items already

I have a feeling things are starting picking up!

Hi Wham,

Wonderful news!! Hope it keeps up for you. Ecstatic that the auctions are included this time! We're also hanging on in our store and was hoping the 10 cent listing day will be a great break for all of us. With no assurance our scheduled listings will post on time this evening,will have to post most items from Ebay and still have enough time to post scheduled listings if they don't post on time. I'm so disappointed. I try hard not to be - I really love this site and wish them well.

Luck to all of you. Looking forward to reports of fantastic sales!
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