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Reply to "Great Buncha Free Utilitie Links"

Originally posted by Westvatexan:
Thanks for the link Donna. I just hope the final release, which I suspect will come out when Vista does, will be as stable as it is funtional. You can get the beta version from microsoft if you like...I used it and it worked perfectly. I am waiting for the final release though to use it in a working environment. Take care, William

I have kinda stepped aside from downloading the new IE 7. Everything runs so smooth on my computers right now that I'm kinda scared to "muck" them up.

Remember how with the XP 2 Service Pack there were problems?

The Page Resizing would be great for auctions doncha think for buyers when auctions are too big for the page?

I'm even more a'skeeered of Vista. <smile>

I'm wanting to buy a new laptop but won't be able to get one until after Vista comes out and that means I'll be the guinea pig that keeps having to learn and report bugs to Vista staff.


Keep me apprised on how it goes..since you're liking 7 so much, I just might go by your recommendation and d/load it....maybe. <smile>

Take care, Donna
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