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Reply to "GRRRRRRRRRRRR! Emails and One Carrier"

Originally posted by Rick Bradford:
Haha, "this ISP"...

Yeah, they stink. But America loves them.

I just don't get it. There are plenty of great ISP's out there for half the price and lower.

The internet is the internet and to pay double and sometimes higher the price for a certain ISP...I just don't get it.

What's America got to love about that Online Service? <smile>

At least when people use other services they actually get to USE the internet and learn to USE the internet the way they want to and to USE decent browsers (not the built in half-arse browser that service uses)

Those advertisements about spam blockers and more? Whadda joke! I had to go over last year and clean up a neighbors computer. Covered with so many viruses and more it took me ages to get it cleaned up. And she was paying for the spam service they used to charge for...Insane!

I brought them over to my house, sat them in front of my computer and told them to go for it. They were scared half to death as they had never heard of using Firefox or Opera much less the E on the desktop for Internet Explorer. I spent a little bit with them and they went home and cancelled their account with that certain ISP and have never looked back. They now talk of all the money they through away over the years.

I just had another customer email me and they received 1 out of 3 emails I sent them. That service placed one of the others in their spam and didn't deliver the other one at all. CUUUUHHHRAZY!

Outta here!
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