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Originally posted by style-at-its-finest:
Yes Auctiva is aware and they are working on it! Do not judge Auctiva by this issue. They are free and are upgrading soon.

Sometimes things like this happen and I can guarantee you that they are still the best by far. I have used Services that you have to PAY for and Auctiva is still the best I have seen yet!

We have all "had a cow" for now. Let's just let them fix the problem.

WHO the F___ cares if it's free. It still just cost me money. I would gladly pay for this service it they could keep it running right. I've had problems every weekend for the last month. Just because they made the business decission to offer a free service dosen't mean that the sevice should have this many problems. It still cost us to list and ebay fees ain't gettin any cheaper. We still have the right to bitch and complain. When we hand the livlyhood of our business over to a third party service and have over a thousand store items and over 50 buy now and auction items ending today. We expect a relilable service. Having no pictures Just means i wasted a weeks worht of auctions and buy nows and I had to shut my sotre donw today.

So don't say we don't have the right. If I remember right i recieved an email or an ad way back a year ago asking to use this site and seeking my business.

Grrrr, I hate when i see someone saying "Hey It's free"
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